About "Kumano brush"

All the brushes which we sell are "Kumano brush". "Kumano brush" is most suitable for a makeup. Because it's high quality and the feel is very soft.

"Traditional craft of Hiroshima ,Japan"

"Kumano brush" is made by craftsman, called "Fudeshi", in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima, Japan. And they make it one by one by hand.

"Perfect feel"

The tip of a general brush made by machine is cut. But it of "Kumano brush" is not. Therefore its feel is very softly and It does not hurt skin. So "Kumano brush" is most suitable for makeup.

"Great popularity"

In recent years, Kumano brush's popularity is increasing around the world, between makeup artist. And "Kumano brush" is adopted by Chanel's makeup brush.